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The Shepherd's Heart - Front Cover

The Shepherd's Heart - Back Cover
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The Shepherd's Heart
by Ian Moilliet

The Last of the Alpine Shepherds in Canada
Great Gift Idea

Ian has been shepherding the woolly sheep since he was 16 and shepherding the people sheep from the age of 24. During this “double pastoring” he has seen many parallels that he has used as analogies in his ministry. He also shares the seven keys he believes are vital for successful pastoring.

Reading The Shepherd’s Heart will embark you on a journey of parallels that are helpful for both sheep and their shepherds.

“True shepherds will never lead sheep away from other shepherds!”

“No church can flourish if it is making the leaders grieve.  Neither can a church flourish if its leaders are not in love with them.  That’s why it is vital to be in a church and under leaders who will protect and lay down their lives for the people they lead and serve.”

“For a sheep, the flock is always the safest place to be.  Even if the flock could be in a better place, it is still the best place to be.”

“A sheep that is determined to be off grazing by itself or with a select independent few may be healthy and fat but is not likely to have a long life.”

“Somehow we have to get past the hurts and not take up offences, which in my opinion is, what is wrong with the church today.”

“Unity, without question, is the most powerful thing that ever happens in the Church, and yet it is probably the least sought after.”

“Withdrawing from the church (God’s people) is an indicator that we are withdrawing from God.”

“The mature Christian needs to be willing to go back to encourage the immature.  If we aren’t willing to do that, I question whether we are mature at all.”

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